Empowering startups in Japan


Creww is passionate about helping entrepreneurs succeed in Japan. We are a team of entrepreneurs who have successfully launched and sold startups in Japan and the US, and we care deeply about growing and fostering the startup ecosystem here.

Creww provides resources, expertise and guidance to startups in three ways: our Open Innovation community of over 4,500 startups, Corporate-Sponsored Accelerators, and Japan LaunchPad. We work both with Japanese startups and with international startups interested in entering the Japanese market.


We work with early- to mid-stage startups to help them find the right talent, investors and strategic partners they need to grow and succeed in Japan.


Not all investors are created equal, and all money comes with strings attached. We help startups connect with the investors most suitable to their growth stage, industry and ambitions.


When you need to get the word out about your startup in Japan, we can help. Many of Japan’s most innovative startups rely on Creww to help them stand out and get noticed.

Enterprise Customers

Many of Japan’s most iconic brands trust us to run their corporate accelerators. Japanese enterprises today are realizing that startups are the future to growth and innovation.

Creww Initiatives

Open Innovation Community
Our open innovation community has a membership of over 4,500 Japanese startups and is at the center of the startup revolution happening in Japan right now.

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Corporate-Sponsored Accelerators
We connect more startups with Japanese enterprises than anyone. Creww runs more than 70% of all corporate accelerators in Japan, and is trusted by Japan’s best-known brands to find the right startups for them.

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Japan Launchpad
We help international startups break into the Japanese market and grow their revenues here. We also plug them directly into the center of Tokyo’s thriving startup community.

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